Works attributed to Lemuel Fowler

Marcelina (Marcy-lena)
Aint Got Nothin’ Blues
Fowler Twist (an Underworld Tango)
Showin’ Out
Blues Mixture (J. Meller)
Sunday School Blues
So Long to You and the Blues
Double Crossin’ Daddy, I’m gonna cut you down my size (J. Meller)
Cruel Back Bitin’ Blues (A Heart Aching Chant)
Daddy Ease It to Me
The Wicked Fives (Dirty Fives)
He May Be Your Man (But He Come To See Me Sometimes)
Squawkin’ The Blues (cruelest Blues Known) (aka Squabblin’ The Blues)
Satisfied Blues (A Barrel House Blues)
You Got Ev’ry Thing a Sweet Mama Needs But Me
Jealous Mama Blues (a low down bhaut) (J. Meller)
Fourflushin’ Papa
Chitterlin’ Strut
Wanna Ride The L & N Blues (aka Express Train Blues) (P. Henri) (Edith Smith)
When I Steps out I’m a Steppin’ Ol’ Fool
Dodgin’ My Man (Ed. Richard) (Edith Smith)
Bald Headed Mama Blues (J. Meller) (Edith Smith)
Rabbit Foot Blues (J. Meller) (Edith Smith)
Scat! Mister Sweetback (Edith Smith)
Washboard Stomp (R. James)
Stomp ‘em down (Henri)
Steaming Blues (R. James)
Pig Foot Shuffle (J. Meller) (Edith Smith)
So They Say
Whip it to a Jelly (Ed. Richard)
Oil yo’ ankles (R. James)
How’m I Doin’
Blue Echo
Hot Hoochy Coochy (Hoochy Coochy Blues)
Frisky Feet (Relphow Jones)
Dark Blue Blues (J. Meller)
Ease it Here (Relphow James)
Percolatin’ Blues, aka Frisky Feet
Lots o’ Pep
(Fowler’s) Hot Strut, aka Chitterlin’ Strut
Down and Out Blues
Wondrin’ Why I’m Lonesome
Gin Mill Blues
Sock it
Cootie Blues
Number Runner’s Blues