Fowler Piano Rolls

1922You Got Ev’rything A Sweet Mama Needs But MeQRS 2233x
1922He May Be Your Man (But He Come To See Me Sometimes)QRS 40852x
1922You Got Ev’ry Thing A Sweet Mama Needs (But Me)US Music 41407x
1923Satisfied BluesQRS 2381x
1923Squabblin’ The BluesQRS 5050x
1923The Wicked Fives (Dirty Fives)US Music 41077x
1923Satisfied BluesUS Music 41496
1923Double Crossin’ DaddyUS Music 41539x
1924Four Flushin’ PapaUS Music 42874
1924Jealous Mama BluesClark 1174
1925Steppin’ Ol’ FoolQRS 4469
1925L & N BluesQRS 4870x
1925Showin’ OutQRS 4885
1925Scat Mr. SweetbackQRS 5245
1926Percolatin’ BluesQRS 4103x
1926Whip it to a Jelly | Who’s Gonna Do Your Sweet Jellin’ When I’m GoneBluesTone137198x
1926Whip it to a Jelly (When you Dance the Jelly Roll)International 93625x
1927Fowler’s Hot StrutQRS 4385x
1928Gin Mill BluesQRS 4580x
1929Down And Out Blues QRS 4471x
1929Number Runner’s BluesQRS 4678x
Compiled using information from various sources including BluesTone music rolls archive, International Association of Mechanical Music Preservationists, AMICA Bulletins, Chicago South Side Piano and various videos of people playing the rolls and sharing pictures of their roll boxes.